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Arching Kaos Radio

Arching Kaos Radio is a webradio service, free for all to listen or contribute. If you want to participate just contact me on SSB using Patchwork or via IRC on channels #radio or #ed12 or #arching-kaos or using the contact form here

External links:

over Internet | over CJDNS | over Yggdrasil

Torrent tracker

I provide a torrent tracker for anyone to use. I use a white list for torrent hashes so you need to contact me for that on SSB or make use of torrejelp bot on #torrents room on IRC.


Social network

We make use of and support the SSB protocol, working with Manyverse and Patchwork.

It's a social network off-the-grid, that can work offline so we can use it to read or write stuff while disconnected from the internet. Connect with others via bluetooth, wifi, internet or whatever network connectivity you have available. Let it sync with your friends and use it, whenever you want to.

For more information and invitations on this network visit the pages in english or in greek.



Working IRC server for anyone

Linked with other servers as well. You can reach for #radio #cjdns #ed12 #arching-kaos.

Won't make it more complicated! is bridging parts of the BonoboNet. Visit #bnet for info.


Matrix is a full-chat-system-like-irc with build-in encryption and many applications available to use it. Join our matrix instance!


Google collects a lot of data. SearX doesn't. A meta-search engine for everyone to use!


IPFS Protocol Dat Protocol Icecast streaming server ScuttleButt Protocol CJDNS Network